• Topic: OpenMM
    Speaker: Peter Eastman, Senior Software Engineer, Vijay Pande's Group, Stanford University

    Host: Jason Key
    Recorded on February 28, 2017


  • Topic: PanDDA: extracting ligand-bound protein states from conventionally uninterpretable crystallographic electron density

    Presenter: Nicholas Pearce, Postdoctoral Researcher, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

    Recorded on: December 4th, 2018
    Host: Jason Key

    Panel Discussion: Table I Statistics

  • Panel: Phil Evans, Kay Diederichs, Zbyszek Otwinowski, and Jim Pflugrath
    Panel Discussion: Table I Statistics

    Presented as part of:
    SBGrid/NE-CAT 2014: Data Processing in Crystallography
    June 5-6, 2014


  • Topic: PARTICLE: an Integrated Computing Platform for Single-Particle Electron Microscopy
    Presenter: James Chen, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Dept of Biology, MIT

    Host: Piotr Sliz
    Recorded on October 4, 2012


  • Topic: PDBStat
    Presenter: Roberto Tejero, Associate Professor, University of Valencia, Spain

    Host: Jason Key
    Recorded on January 28, 2016


  • Topic: Extending the reach of molecular replacement in Phaser
    Presenter: Randy Read, Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow in the Department of Haematology at University of Cambridge.

    Host: Piotr Sliz
    Recorded on April 23, 2012


  • Topic: Phenix: Use of knowledge-based restraints in phenix.refine to improve macromolecular refinement at low resolution
    Presenter: Jeff Headd, Postdoctoral Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories

    Host: Piotr Sliz
    Recorded on December 12, 2011


  • Topic: XModeScore: using crystallography to determine protonation states, fragment binding modes, and flip-states.
    Speaker: Lance Westerhoff, President and General Manager at QuantumBio Inc.

    Date: recorded: Oct 2, 2018
    Host: Jason Key


  • Topic: Phenix/DivCon: accurate macromolecular crystallographic refinement using linear scaling, semiempirical quantum-mechanics.
    Presenter: Lance Westerhoff, President and General Manager

    Host: Jason Key
    Recorded on September 22, 2015

    Phenix-Rosetta Refinement

  • Topic: Refinement of challenging structures with Rosetta and Phenix
    Presenter: Nat Echols, Computational Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs

    Host: Andrew Morin
    Recorded on May 13th, 2014


  • Topic: Analyzing and enhancing molecular dynamics simulations with PLUMED
    Presenters: Giovanni Bussi -- Associate Professor, SISSA, Trieste, Italy
    Massimiliano Bonomi -- Postdoc, University of Cambridge, Vendruscolo Group

    Recorded on May 22, 2018
    Host: Jason Key


  • Topic: Elastic Network Models and ProDy for Bimolecular Systems Dynamics
    Presenter: Ivet Bahar, University of Pittsburgh

    Host: Jason Key
    Recorded on June 26, 2016


  • Topic: Communicating your research results using PyMOL
    Presenter: Daniel Cappel, Senior Applications Scientist, Schrödinger, Inc.

    Host: Jason Key
    Recorded on September 13, 2016


  • Topic: PyMOL Demo, Hints, and New Features
    Presenter: Thomas Holder, PyMOL Developer, Schrodinger

    Recorded on March 7, 2013


  • Topic: RAPD - New software for automated MX data analysis
    Presenter: Frank Murphy, Assistant Director , NE-CAT/Cornell University

    Recorded on March 30, 2017
    Host: Jason Key


  • Topic: RCrane: Semi-automated RNA model building within Coot
    Presenter: Kevin Keating, Postdoctoral Fellow in the Pyle Lab at Yale (now at Schrödinger).

    Host: Piotr Sliz
    Recorded on November 11, 2011


  • Topic: Structure Validation of Proteins using REDCAT
    Presenter: Homay Valafar, Associate Professor,
    Dept of Computer Science and Engineering, University of South Carolina

    Host: Jason Key
    Recorded on December 5, 2013


  • Topic: RELION
    Presenter: Sjors Scheres, Group Leader
    Medical Research Council, The Laboratory of Molecular Biology

    Host: Jason Key
    Recorded on March 24, 2015

    RELION 3.0

  • Topic : RELION-3: new tools for automated high-resolution cryo-EM structure determination
    Presenter: Sjors Scheres, Group Leader, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, UK

    Host: Jason Key / Shaun Rawson
    Recorded: November 6, 2018

    SAXS Part II: Advanced Applications of Biological Small Angle Scattering

  • Topic: Advanced Applications of Biological Small Angle Scattering
    Presenter: Thomas Grant, Staff Scientist , BioXFEL Science and Technology Center, Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute

    Host: Jason Key
    Recorded on November 18, 2014