SBGrid Staff:

The SBGrid consortium is managed and based out of the Sliz Lab at Harvard Medical School.

Piotrek Sliz, PhD, established SBGrid and coordinates all SBGrid activities. Piotr's structural biology research interests combine a mechanistic understanding of microRNA biogenesis regulation and pervasive computing infrastructures. He is an assistant professor in pediatrics at Harvard Medical School in the department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology. Piotr is a member of the Open Science Grid Council and the Harvard Medical School Research Computing Governance Committee.

Consortium Staff

Michelle Ottaviano is our relationship associate. She handles new member inquiries, billing, and licensing agreements, coordinates webinars and workshops, updates website news and information, and attends to other miscellaneous administrative needs.

Ben Eisenbraun, BA, maintains and improves the SBGrid Software Suite and is the primary support contact for users in SBGrid member labs. A philosopher-cum-software-engineer, Ben started using and administering UNIX machines in 1999, spent several years working in wide area networking and has discovered the meaning of life, which he uses as his SSH key.

Mick Timony, BA, maintains and supports the SBGrid Science Portal and related Open Science Grid infrastructure that provides a high performance computing portal for structural biology related applications. Mick has been working with Linux and Open Source technologies since 1999 and previously worked with the CMLD at Boston University, and at Fidelity Investments.

Andrew Morin, PhD, works on computational science policy for SBGrid. He has experience in both laboratory and computational structural biology and now focuses on issues affecting SBGrid and the broader scientific computing community.

SBGrid Structural Biology Research Computing CoreStaff:

Jason Key, PhD, and Paul Sanschagrin, PhD, perform system administration and scientific software support for HMS and local Boston area structural biology labs. System adminstration services are provided through SBGrid Core.