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  • The Ando lab is developing tools and techniques to probe diffuse scattering for information about how the proteins move. Read the full story.

    Image courtesy of N. Ando.

  • The Project MAC display system, circa 1965. Read more about the history of molecular graphics software and UCSF Chimera in our SBGrid Tale featuring Bob Langridge and Tom Ferrin.

  • The SBGrid Consortium provides structural biologists worldwide with access to the software they need to discover the shapes of the molecules of life. Read more in eLIFE.

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Recent Software Updates

Software updates
Jul 15 | DOCK

a molecular docking application used to a) predict binding modes of small molecule-protein complexes; b) search databases of ligands for co… >>

Jul 11 | AreTomo3

AreTomo3 is a multi-GPU accelerated software package that enables real-time fully automated reconstruction of cryoET tomograms in parallel … >>

Jul 10 | cryoDRGN

a neural network based algorithm for heterogeneous cryo-EM reconstruction. In particular, the method models a continuous distribution over … >>

Jul 08 | BioXTAS RAW

a program for analysis of SAXS data that enables creation of 1D scattering profiles from 2D detector images, standard data operations such … >>

Jul 08 | Geneious

a powerful and comprehensive suite of molecular biology and NGS analysis tools. >>

Jul 08 | EM-GAN

is a computational tool, which enables capturing protein structure information from cryo-EM maps more effectively than raw maps. >>

Jul 08 | ColabDesign

makes protein design accessible though Jupyter notebooks using AlphaFold, TrRosetta etc. >>

Jul 08 | Starparser

a package implemented in Python to manipulate Relion star files including counting, modifying, plotting, and sifting the data. >>

Jul 04 | CTFFIND 5

a new version of the cisTEM program CTFFIND, Improved CTF estimation for cryoEM. >>

Jul 02 | NAMD

a parallel molecular dynamics code designed for high-performance simulation of large biomolecular systems. >>

Thanks to the National Science Foundation

With partial support from the NIH R25 Continuing Education for Structural Biology Mentors #GM151273, in collaboration with Co-PI Jamaine Davis; the NSF Research Coordination Network MCB #0639193, and NSF EAGER #1448069. Please cite SBGrid's eLife paper and follow our publication guidelines.

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