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Computing Resources for Developers

Computing Resources for Developers

How Does it work?

As a developer of an SBGrid-supported application, you are entitled to an SBGridDev account on the SBGrid build-test network at Harvard Medical School. This infrastructure can be used to build and test research software on a wide range of operating systems.

The SBGridDev account is a UNIX shell account, accessible via SSH, used to access designated machines in the build-test network. In addition to the shell account you will get up to 10 GB of data storage along with access to high performance compilers and basic development tools, like version control systems (svn, git, etc) and shell text editors. Once you have an account, you can connect to our 'developer' server via SSH: ssh

To request an SBGridDev account please complete the SBGrid Support Form.

We have the latest versions of the Intel, Portland and Absoft (PPC) compilers:

  • Intel 12.0, 11.1, 10.1 (ifc, ifort) - any linux host, OS X Intel hosts
  • Portland 14.4, 12.6, 10.9, 10.2, 8.0-6, 8.0, 7.1-3 (pgcc, pgf77/90/95) - sbgrid-dev-architect, sbgrid-dev-moose
  • Absoft - TBD

To control your compiler settings, use the 'build' function:

$ build help
build: a shell function for controlling compilers
Usage: build (help|32|64|list)
help: This help message
32: Configure 32-bit compilers
64: Configure 64-bit compilers
list: List available compilers

SBGrid can also make available:

  • Additional operating systems as virtual machines (OpenSuSE, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc).
  • Additional hardware resources (Sun SPARC, IRIX MIPS, etc).
  • Graphical access to the machines through Apple Remote Desktop, VNC, or the NoMachine desktop sharing client.
  • Other tools as needed.

Please contact us via our Support Form with questions or to request access.

Request an Account

To request an SBGridDev account please complete the SBGrid Support Form.

The developer server, internally named sbgrid-dev-architect and running Scientific Linux 6 x86_64, is our only external facing workstation and will host your home directory. From developer you can SSH to any of our build and test hosts via their hostname. The following are the always-on operating system/hardware combinations. They are generally kept at the latest point release:

Hostname Operating System Version Notes
sbgrid-c5b CentOS 5 x86 Red Hat 5 compatible, base SBGrid 32-bit Linux
sbgrid-c5b-64 CentOS 5 x86_64 Red Hat 5 compatible, base SBGrid 64-bit Linux
sbgrid-c6b-64 CentOS 6 x86_64 Red Hat 6 compatible, base SBGrid 64-bit Linux