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  • Topic: DOCK: Where it is and where its going
    Presenter: Trent Balius, Ph.D. , Postdoctoral Scholar, Shoichet Lab, University of California, San Francisco

    Recorded on June 20, 2017
    Host: Jason Key


  • Topic: GROMACS
    Presnter: Alessandra Villa, Ph.D., KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden


    Host: Jason Key
    Recorded on September 29, 2021


  • Topic: Molecular Simulations with GROMACS: Possibilities and Pitfalls
    Presenter: Erik Lindahl, Professor, Stockholm University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology

    Date Recorded: May 28, 2015
    Host: Jason Key


  • Topic: Haddock

    Presenter: Prof. Alexandre Bonvin, University Utrecht

    Host: Jason Key
    Recorded on: June 29, 2021


  • Topic: Modelling biomolecular complexes using HADDOCK: local vs server mode.
    Presenter: Alexandre Bonvin, Computational Structural Biology group, Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

    Host: Jason Key
    Recorded on September 8, 2015


  • Topic: LightDock: Shedding light into the dark fraction of the protein interactome

    Brian Jimenez-Garcia, Ph.D., University Utrecht, and
    Jorge Roel, Ph.D., Department of Structural Biology, Protein Design and Modeling group, IBMB-CSIC, Barcelona

    Host: Pete Meyer

    Recorded on May 18, 2021

    MovableType Software for Fast Free Energy-based Virtual Screening

  • Topic: MovableType Software for Fast Free Energy-based Virtual Screening
    Presenter: Lance Westerhoff, Ph.D., QuantumBio, Inc.

    Host: Jason Key
    Recorded on October 6, 2020


  • Topic: OpenMM
    Speaker: Peter Eastman, Senior Software Engineer, Vijay Pande's Group, Stanford University

    Host: Jason Key
    Recorded on February 28, 2017

    Phenix-Amber Integration

  • Topic: Improved chemistry restraints for crystallographic refinement by integrating the Amber force field into Phenix
    Presenter: Nigel Moriarty, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs

    Host: Pete Meyer
    Recorded on: October 8, 2019


  • Topic: Phenix/DivCon: accurate macromolecular crystallographic refinement using linear scaling, semiempirical quantum-mechanics.
    Presenter: Lance Westerhoff, President and General Manager

    Host: Jason Key
    Recorded on September 22, 2015


  • Topic: XModeScore: using crystallography to determine protonation states, fragment binding modes, and flip-states.
    Speaker: Lance Westerhoff, President and General Manager at QuantumBio Inc.

    Date: recorded: Oct 2, 2018
    Host: Jason Key


  • Topic: Analyzing and enhancing molecular dynamics simulations with PLUMED
    Presenters: Giovanni Bussi -- Associate Professor, SISSA, Trieste, Italy
    Massimiliano Bonomi -- Postdoc, University of Cambridge, Vendruscolo Group

    Recorded on May 22, 2018
    Host: Jason Key


  • Topic: Elastic Network Models and ProDy for Bimolecular Systems Dynamics
    Presenter: Ivet Bahar, University of Pittsburgh

    Host: Jason Key
    Recorded on June 26, 2016


  • "Recent Enhancements and Scientific Advancements in the Schrödinger Suite"
    Presenter: Woody Sherman, Schrödinger Vice President of Applications Science.
    SBGrid Host: Piotr Sliz
    Recorded on: June 12, 2012

    Schrödinger website: http://www.schrodinger.com

    Schrodinger Glide with ICCB Library

  • Topic: A basic primer for docking and similarity searching against the ICCB-Longwood databases on the SBGrid Goldfinger cluster
    Presenter: Paul Sanschagrin

    SBGrid Host: Jason Key
    Recorded on March 28, 2013