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Topic: Integrative Structural Biology with SITUS
Presenter: Prof. Willy Wriggers, Old Dominion University

Host: Jason Key

Recorded on March 2, 2021

Willy Wriggers
Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Old Dominion University
Dr. Wriggers earned a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 1998. He held postdoctoral positions in Electron Microscopy (Scripps Research Institute) as well as Theoretical Chemistry (University of California, San Diego). In 1999 he was appointed Assistant Professor at The Scripps Research Institute. In 2003 he moved to the University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, where he earned tenure as Associate Professor of Biomedical Informatics and Molecular Medicine. In 2007 he joined the private D. E. Shaw Research laboratory in New York City. In 2014 he returned to an academic position as Frank Batten Chair of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at ODU.

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