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    An interpretation of crystallographic electron density maps and automatic construction and refinement of macromolecular models.
    At the request of the developer, this software is licensed on a per-user basis. To enable ARP/wARP license in the SBGrid environment, each user should:

    - visit the ARP/wARP website.
    - download any of the current versions via your web browser.
    - in the shell run 'sbgrid-register -r path/to/the/arp_warp-file-you-downloaded'.
    - open a new terminal to utilize the newly registered software title.

    For detailed instructions, please check sbgrid.org/wiki/arp_warp.

    Please cite the applications of ARP/ wARP that you have used. Please consult the ARP/ wARP log file for the most relevant citation. The complete citation list is in the ARP/wARP manual.

  • Primary Citation*

    G. G. Langer, S. X. Cohen, V. S. Lamzin, and A. Perrakis. 2008. Automated macromolecular model building for X-ray crystallography using ARP/ wARP version 7. Nat Protoc. 3(7): 1171-1179.

    • *Full citation information available through

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    In addition to citing the primary citation listed below, please cite the applications of ARP/ wARP that you have used.

  • Tales

    Better, Faster, Stronger, More

    Better, Faster, Stronger, More

    It took Victor Lamzin nearly a year to solve his first structure, an 800-residue enzyme formate dehydrogenase. Later, as a post-doc, he asked his supervisor to let him re-solve it, but this time in just 2 months.

    Lamzin, now a group leader and the Deputy Head of the Hamburg Unit of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, did it. “That's when I realized things could be done even quicker than that. I realized that much of the experience I had garnered and what I'd deciphered from reading the literature and talking to colleagues could be put into software,” says Lamzin. “Especially the boring, repetitive things.”

    While Lamzin had scant knowledge of computer programming—in fact, he says, scant knowledge of crystallography—he dove in anyway. After all ...

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  • Default Versions

    Linux 64:  7.6
    OS X INTEL:  7.6

  • Other Available Versions

      Linux 32:

      7.3, 7.2, 7.1.1, 6.1.1
    • Linux 64:

    • OS X INTEL:

    • powermac:

      7.1.1, 7.0.1, 6.1.1
  • Developers

    Philipp Heuser, Victor Lamzin, Anastassis Perrakis.