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  • Description

    a pipeline for particle detection in cryo-electron microscopy images using convolutional neural networks trained from positive and unlabeled examples.

  • Primary Citation*

    T. Bepler, A. Morin, J. Brasch, L. Shapiro, A. J. Noble, and B. Berger. 2018. Positive-unlabeled convolutional neural networks for particle picking in cryo-electron micrographs. arXiv.

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  • Webinars

    Topic: Topaz: particle picking with positive-unlabeled learning
    Speaker: Tristan Bepler, MIT

    Host: Jason Key
    Recorded on Feb 26, 2019

  • Keywords

    Electron Microscopy

  • Default Versions

    Linux 64:  0.2.2

  • Other Available Versions

      Linux 64:

      0.2.1, 0.2.0, 0.1.0
  • Developers

    Alex Noble, Tristan Bepler