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    a program that allows the determination of rotational diffusion from three-dimensional structure coordinates and experimental 15N relaxation data, and now allows a rigorous model-free analysis of local internal mobility affecting backbone amides, from 15N {R1,R2,nOe} relaxation rates in the presence of an isotropic or anisotropic rotational diffusion tensor.

  • Primary Citation*

    P. Dosset, J.-C. Hus, M. Blackledge, and D. Marion. 2000. Efficient analysis of Macromolecular Rotational Diffusion from Heteronuclear Relaxation Data. J Biomol NMR. 16(1): 23-28.

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    Linux 64 2.0
    OS X INTEL 2.0

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    Linux 32 2.0
    powermac 2.0

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    Martin Blackledge.