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    (SParx for HIgh Resolution Electron microscopy) is designed for easy access to cryo-electron microscopy using statistical resampling to attain quality assessment and result reproducibility. The SPHIRE pipeline includes movie frame alignments (movie), CTF estimation of raw electron micrographs (cter), picking/stack creation (window), reproducible 2-D classification (isac), reproducible initial model generation (viper), automatic gold-standard 3-D refinement (meridien), local resolution estimation and filtering (localres), and up to the 3-D sorting of different conformational states based on the statistical 3-D variability of the data (sort3D).

  • Primary Citation*

    T. Moriya, M. Saur, M. Stabrin, F. Merino, H. Voicu, Z. Huang, P. A. Penczek, S. Raunser, and C. Gatsogiannis. 2017. High-resolution Single Particle Analysis from Electron Cryo-microscopy Images Using SPHIRE. Journal of Visualized Experiments.

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  • Keywords

    Electron Microscopy

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    Linux 64:  20170602

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      Linux 64:

  • Developers

    Christos Gatsogiannis, Zhong Huang, Felipe Merino, Toshio Moriya, Pawel Penczek, Stefan Raunser, Michael Saur, Markus Stabrin.