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  • Description

    (REgularised LIkelihood OptimisatioN) a stand-alone computer program for Maximum A Posteriori (MAP) refinement of (multiple) 3D reconstructions or 2D class averages in cryo-electron microscopy.

  • Usage Notes

    Recent versions of RELION ( > 2.0 ) are GPU-accelerated using Nvidia CUDA. For general information on running GPU accelerated applications from SBGrid, look here : https://sbgrid.org/wiki/gpu

    CUDA builds of RELION are designated by a '_cu' suffix in the version of the application. For example, 2.0.4_cu7.5 is linked against CUDA v7.5 libraries and is not recommended for Pascal architecture Nvidia hardware (GTX 1080 and higher). 2.0.4_cu8.0 is built with CUDA 8.0 which supports Pascal architecture GPUs. The '_SP' designation indicates 'single precision' CPU builds. All builds are single precision on the GPU and can be run on 'commodity grade' GPU hardware.

  • Primary Citation*

    S. H. W. Scheres. 2012. A Bayesian View on Cryo-EM Structure Determination. J Mol Biol. 415(2): 406-418.

    S. H. W. Scheres. 2012. RELION: Implementation of a Bayesian approach to cryo-EM structure determination. J Struct Biol. 180(3): 519-530.

    • *Full citation information available through

    Citation Note

    If RELION is useful in your work, please use at least one of the primary citations listed below.

  • Categories

    Electron Microscopy, Structural Biology

  • Default Versions

    Linux 64 2.0.4_cu8.0
    OS X INTEL 2.0.4

  • Other Available Versions

    Linux 32 1.0
    Linux 32 1.1
    Linux 32 1.2
    Linux 64 1.3
    Linux 64 1.4
    Linux 64 1.4b
    Linux 64 1.4-randomphase3d
    Linux 64 2.0.3
    Linux 64 2.0.3_cu7.5
    Linux 64 2.0.4_cu7.5
    Linux 64 2.0.4_cu7.5_SP
    Linux 64 2.0.4_cu8.0_SP
    Linux 64 2.0.4_SP
    OS X INTEL 1.3
    OS X INTEL 1.4
    OS X INTEL 2.0.3

  • Developers

    Sjors Scheres.