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  • Description

    an HDF5 read plugin for XDS. Neggia presents HDF5 data to XDS in a fully parallelized way, directly and without interconversion and speeds up the processing of HDF5 data.

  • Usage

    To list all executables provided by Neggia, run: $ sbgrid-list neggia Copy to clipboard
  • Usage Notes


    Neggia is included with XDS.

    To use it, specify the LIB input parameter in your XDS.INP.

    Examples: For Linux with XDS BUILT=20170215 :


    For Mac with XDS BUILT=20161205


    Keep the DETECTOR= EIGER parameter.

    NEGGIA does not rely on the HDF5 library and thus does not support all of the HDF5 specifications. Problems might occur if EIGER data were manipulated after collection (e.g. by compressing the master file),EIGER data were written (from the Stream) with HDF5 library version 1.10 orEIGER data are very old (i.e. written with firmware 1.3 or older).

  • Installation

    Use the following command to install this title with the CLI client: $ sbgrid-cli install neggia Copy to clipboard Available operating systems: Linux 64, OS X INTEL
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    Please cite the following url: From the
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  • Default Versions

    Linux 64:  1.2.0 (1.9 MB)
    OS X INTEL:  1.2.0 (85.9 MB)

  • Other Versions

      Linux 64:

      1.0.0 (1.8 MB) , 1.0.1 (1.8 MB) , 1.1.1 (101.9 MB)
    • OS X INTEL:

      1.0.0 (219.3 KB) , 1.0.1 (219.3 KB) , 1.1.1 (82.5 MB) , 20220526_arm (216.5 KB)
  • Developers

    Mathes Markus, Pilipp Volker, Dirk Boye