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  • Description

    a package for processing film and image plate data.

  • Usage Notes

    A graphical user interface to MOSFLM is provided by iMosflm.

  • Installation

    Use the following command to install this title with the CLI client: $ sbgrid-cli install mosflm Copy to clipboard
  • Primary Citation*

    A. G. W. Leslie and H. R. Powell. 2007. Processing Diffraction Data with Mosflm. Evolving Methods for Macromolecular Crystallography. Springer Netherlands. 245: 41-51.
    (Note: NATO Science Series.)

    • *Full citation information available through

  • Webinars

    Presenter: Phil Evans, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
    Topic: MOSFLM and FRIENDS: Data Processing in the CCP4 Suite

    SBGrid/NE-CAT 2014: Data Processing in Crystallography
    June 5-6, 2014

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  • Default Versions

    Linux 64:  7.2.2
    OS X INTEL:  7.2.2

  • Other Versions

      Linux 64:

      7.1.0, 7.0.9
    • OS X INTEL:

      7.1.0, 7.0.9
  • Developers

    Harry Powell