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  • Description

    (Multi-Conformation Continuum Electrostatics) a biophysics simulation program combining continuum electrostatics and molecular mechanics. In this program, the protein side chain motions are simulated explicitly while the dielectric effect of solvent and bulk protein material is modeled by continuum electrostatics.

  • Primary Citation*

    Y. Song, J. Mao, and M. Gunner. 2009. MCCE2: improving protein pKa calculations with extensive side chain rotamer sampling. J Comput Chem. 30(14): 2231-2247.

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  • Categories

    Analysis, Computational Chemistry

  • Default Versions

    Linux 64 2.7
    OS X INTEL 2.7

  • Other Available Versions

    Linux 32 2.2
    Linux 64 2.2
    OS X INTEL 2.2
    powermac 2.2

  • Developers

    MCCE Developer Group, Marilyn Gunner.