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  • Description

    a user-friendly extension to Ed Egelman's Iterative Helical Real Space Reconstruction (IHRSR) software. It includes all of the original IHRSR functionality plus the capabilities to determine out-of-plane tilt, apply dihedral symmetry, and automatically construct a starting model from the image data.

    IHRSR++ also contains a number of Perl and Spider scripts for performing common preprocessing and data manipulation tasks such as power spectra calculations, application of CTF corrections, image stack generation, image centering, and tube diameter determination.

  • Primary Citation*

    K. N. Parent, R. S. Sinkovits, M. M. Suhanovsky, C. M. Teschke, E. H. Egelman, and T. S. Baker. 2010. Cryo-reconstructions of P22 polyheads suggest that phage assembly is nucleated by trimeric interactions among coat proteins. Physical Biology. 7(4).

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