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  • Description

    a data processing suite for X-ray crystallography that provides a sleek interface for devising a data collection strategy and processing data. HKL is based on the extended versions of Denzo, Xdisplayf and Scalepack.HKL was developed and is maintained by Wladek Minor (University of Virginia).

    HKL2000 is a commercial software application that we can include in your installation for ease of use, but that requires you or your institute to have a current license in place. To enable the SBGrid installation for HKL2000, copy the license file to the directory /usr/local/lib on each machine and HKL2000 will work.

  • Usage Notes

    The default directory for detector profiles is $HOME/hklint. To override this default and use your own detector profiles, set the HKLPATH variable to the directory containing your detector profiles after sourcing an SBGrid shell initialization file.

    The HKLPATH line will override the defaults for your site.

  • Primary Citation*

    Z. Otwinowski and W. Minor. 1997. Processing of X-ray Diffraction Data Collected in Oscillation Mode. Mehods in Enzymology. 276: 307-326.

    • *Full citation information available through

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  • Default Versions

    Linux 64 714
    OS X INTEL 714

  • Other Available Versions

    Linux 32 2000.0.98.704x
    Linux 32 2000.0.98.705a
    Linux 32 706e
    Linux 64 710
    Linux 64 712
    OS X INTEL 710
    OS X INTEL 712

  • Developers

    Wladek Minor.