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    an image processing package. It can be described as a distribution of ImageJ (and ImageJ2) together with Java, Java 3D and a lot of plugins organized into a coherent menu structure. Fiji compares to ImageJ as Ubuntu compares to Linux.

  • Primary Citation*

    J. Schindelin, I. Arganda-Carreras, E. Frise, V. Kaynig, M. Longair, T. Pietzsch, S. Preibisch, C. Rueden, S. Saalfeld, B. Schmid, J.-Y. Tinevez, D. J. White, V. Hartenstein, K. Eliceiri, P. Tomancak, and A. Cardona. 2012. Fiji: an open-source platform for biological-image analysis. Nature Methods. 9(7): 676-682.

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    Citation Note

    Many plugins have been published separately as summarized on Fiji's publications (http://fiji.sc/Publications) page. The authors of Fiji would like Fiji users to cite both the paper listed as the primary citation below as well as the plugin specific paper. However, if journal reference limits interfere, the plugin specific publication should take precedence.

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  • Default Versions

    Linux 64 20160310
    OS X INTEL 20160310

  • Other Available Versions

    Linux 32 20130624
    Linux 64 20130624
    OS X INTEL 20130624

  • Developers

    Kevin Eliceiri, Mark Hiner, Curtis Rueden, Pavel Tomancak.