Software Help

If you are having a problem with software included in the SBGrid suite or think you've discovered an application bug, please use the SBGrid web form to alert us to the problem. You can also email with details on the problem.

When reporting a problem, more info is better. We will likely require the output of the sbinfo command from your SBGrid-enabled terminal. If you are running GPU accelerated software, the output of nvidia-smi -L is also helpful.

If the problem with the software started after a recent update, you can configure your SBGrid environment to use an older version of the software.

New Software and Software Updates

To request a new software package or an update to an existing package, please use the Software Update/Installation Request form. You can also email us at

We try to accommodate most requests for new software, but we do occasionally run into difficulties. Despite most of our software being free for academics, some developers insist that each lab download and install their own software, usually so that they can track usage. We are happy to provide developers with the list of SBGrid members that have access to their software, but that doesn't always satisfy their requirements.

Even when things go smoothly, license requests and working out licensing details with developers can take some time, so please don't wait until the last minute before requesting software you anticipate you may need for your project.


SBGrid sends a monthly newsletter with information concerning software updates, upcoming webinars, talks and other items of interest to our community. The archive of previous newsletters is available online at the SBGrid Newsletter Archive.