Getting Started

Using the SBGrid software collection

The SBGrid software collection can be found installed at /programs. All software in the SBGrid collection is run from the the command line in a terminal. Do set up the shell environment the terminal to run the programs, you will need to initialize the SBGrid environment.

Bash users should initialize the SBGrid environment using :

source /programs/sbgrid.shrc

Tcsh users should initialize the SBGrid environment with :

source /programs/sbgrid.cshrc

On initialization, you should see the SBGrid welcome message


Making the shell configuration automatic

To setup your terminal to automatically load the SBGrid environment, add the following to your configuration file:

For Bash, in ~/.bashrc, add :

if [ -f /programs/sbgrid.shrc ] ; then
  source /programs/sbgrid.shrc

For tcsh, in ~/.tcshrc or ~/.cshrc, add :

if ( -e /programs/sbgrid.cshrc ) then
    source /programs/sbgrid.cshrc

Setting an alias

If you would prefer to load the SBGrid environment on demand and not have to type the command above, you can set an alias to a shorter command of your choosing.

For example, for bash in ~/.bashrc :

alias sbg='source /programs/sbgrid.shrc'

For tcsh in ~/.tcshrc, this would be

alias sbg 'source /programs/sbgrid.cshrc'

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