SBGrid Installation Manager - Downloads

The SBGrid Installation is the primary


SBGrid can be installed on computers running Linux or macOS operating systems. CentOS/RHEL 7 or 8 is recommended for linux, or MacOSX v10.13 - macOS 12 for Macs. On macOS 10.15+ an /etc/synthetic.conf file is required to create the root level /programs symlink on the read-only filesystem. The GUI Installation Manager will create this automatically. See here for more info.

Under linux, the GUI Installation Manager may require installation of some additional packages (if these have not already been installed by the desktop environment); under Alma 9 these are : fuse-libs fuse nss atk-devel at-spi2-atk gtk3 mesa-libgbm nss-util.

The SBGrid installation manager requires an account. Set up an account by registering here : SBGrid registration

SBGrid Installation Manager for MacOS and Linux, v2.9.9

See this page for usage info.

SBGrid Command-line Installation Manager for MacOS and Linux, v2.9.9

You can download this tar.gz file from the Terminal. Run this command:

For Linux

curl -k -LO

For macOS

curl -k -LO

This will prevent the need to remove the attribute.

For usage info, continue to this page.