Registration for Arp/Warp

At the wishes of the developer, Arp/Warp must be register on a per user basis. SBGrid verifies that a user has downloaded the Arp/Warp tarball (or .dmg image) to ensure that each user has registered the application. Once this registration process is complete, the Arp/Warp programs is functional in the SBGrid collection.

Arp/Warp is not functional by default and will be greyed-out in CCP4.


Follow these steps to register Arp/Warp.

  1. Visit the Arp/Warp website at Arp/Warp website

  2. Fill out your info to register Arp/Warp. Arp/Warp website

  3. Check your email for download instructions. Download a recent version of the Arp/Warp program in tarball or .dmg format. Arp/Warp tarball

  4. Run the SBGrid sbgrid-register tool on the tarball or dmg file. You do not need to decompress the archive and you do not need to install the Arp/Warp application. sbgrid-register

  5. Open a new terminal and run ccp4i. Arp/Warp should now be accessible. Arp/Warp works

Please email if you have any questions or problems.