SBGrid site migration script


The sbmigrate-site can be used to migrate users who need to change their site affiliation for an sbgrid installation manager account. Please download it here :

This script allows users to choose their PI or site from a list, or a site can be entered directly. Then the script will run the migration process to the correct site name. That should be fast and straightforward.

The script menu looks like this :

This script will migrate the site configuration
for your SBGrid installation. You will be able to
confirm your settings before the migration happens.
You may need to confirm the site name by email if your
advisor is not listed below. Email

The migration process will not impact running jobs or
prevent software from functioning normally.
Exit at any time with a CTRL-c.

Please select your site name from this list:
    PI       (site name)
    1)          PI 1
    2)          PI 2

The script will then do the configuration change and run a test.

To use the script, first download to your computer. Next, in a terminal, migrate to your download location. Make the script executable with this command:

chmod +x sbmigrate-site

Then run the script like this :


Select the number that specifies your site from the list by number or enter your own.

The script can be downloaded and run in a terminal all at once with this command:

curl -LO && chmod +x sbmigrate-site && ./sbmigrate-site
Be sure to report any issues to