SBGrid RELION 2017

We will be using RELION and Chimera during the workshop, primarily in Amazon EC2. To access these, you will need a modern web browser and access to WiFi.

You may also want intall these applications on your laptop or desktop. SBGrid builds on CentOS 6, though these applications should work on any modern Linux distro.

For Mac, we support 10.9 and higher. Keep in mind that many of the tools we are using are only available for linux.

Register for the SBGrid install client

First, set up an account by registering here : SBGrid registration

Installation instructions

A GUI version is also available for MacOS / OSX - installation instructions can be found here. GUI usage info is here.

For Mac, install RELION and Chimera.

For Linux, Install RELION, Chimera, GCTF, CTF, and CUDA.

Set up the environment

For BASH users:

source /programs/sbgrid.shrc

For TCSH users:

source /programs/sbgrid.cshrc

Please report any issues to, See you next week.

Tutorial dataset and notes for the workshop

You can find the Tutorial data for the workshop here:

SBGrid Intro to linux computing slides