SBGrid/BioGrids Module Files


Modulefiles for loading and unloading the sbgrid or biogrids environment are available in /programs/share/modulefiles/x86_64-linux and /programs/share/modulefiles/i386-mac. Loading the environment as a module replaces the "source" command. If you are using modules then you should remove the source lines, such as "source sbrid.shrc", from your startup rc files.

Accessing Modules

To access the files you need to update your MODULEPATH environment variable.

in bash

export MODULEPATH=/programs/share/modulefiles/x86_64-linux:"$MODULEPATH"

in tcsh

setenv MODULEPATH /programs/share/modulefiles/x86_64-linux:"$MODULEPATH"

The above command may be added to your shell startup files or your site Administrator may update the system wide path.


module avail will show you what modules are available for loading. If your MODULEPATH is correct you should see the sbgrid/rc and/or the biogrids/rc module.

$ module avail sbgrid
---------------------- /programs/share/modulefiles/i386-mac --------------------------


The module determines if you are using bash or tcsh and loads the appropriae environment. You use the same command in tcsh and bash to load the module.

$ module load sbgrid
Loading SBGrid
              Software Support by SBGrid (
                          SBGrid Announcements
... "remainder of startup message"


You can remove the sbgrid/biogrids environment with the module unload command. This removes any grid specific environment settings. If after loading sbgrid you load additonal modules, these modules will not be removed. To see what modules you have loaded you can use module list.

$ module unload sbgrid
UnLoading SBGrid


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