SBGrid Installation Manager - Downloads

The SBGrid Installation is the primary


SBGrid can be installed on computers running Linux or macOS operating systems. CentOS/RHEL 7 or 8 is recommended for linux, or MacOSX v10.13 - macOS 12 for Macs. On macOS 10.15+ an /etc/synthetic.conf file is required to create the root level /programs symlink on the read-only filesystem. The GUI Installation Manager will create this automatically. See here for more info.

The SBGrid installation manager requires an account. Set up an account by registering here : SBGrid registration

SBGrid Installation Manager for MacOS and Linux, v2.6.17

See this page for usage info.

SBGrid Command-line Installation Manager for MacOS and Linux, v2.6.17

You can download this tar.gz file from the Terminal. Run this command:

For Linux

curl -k -LO

For macOS

curl -k -LO

This will prevent the need to remove the attribute.

For usage info, continue to this page.