MacOS 11.0 Big Sur

Apple has released MacOS 11.0 "Big Sur". This OS includes compatibilty for Apple's new 'Apple Silicon' ARM-based computers as well as numerous changes and security enhancements. Because this is a major update, we reccommend waiting to upgrade any system required for scientific data processing. MacOS 10.14 "Mojave" or 10.15 "Catalina" are currently supported by SBGrid.

Apple M1 Silicon

ARM64 compatibility

There won’t be any support for native ARM64 installation for a while. We are not aware of any SBGrid supported applications that are available for native execution on Apple M1 CPUs at this time. Access to new Apple hardware is still limited - we don't have an M1 mac yet.Compilation for M1 will likely require updated versions of GCC for some applications and their dependencies, which is also not currently available.

Known issues

  • No compatible release of Schrodinger
  • No GUI in FLTK applications (like RELION)