Supported Applications


  • Description

    used for homology or comparative modeling of protein three-dimensional structures. The user provides an alignment of a sequence to be modeled with known related structures and MODELLER automatically calculates a model containing all non-hydrogen atoms. MODELLER implements comparative protein structure modeling by satisfaction of spatial restraints, and can perform many additional tasks, including de novo modeling of loops in protein structures, optimization of various models of protein structure with respect to a flexibly defined objective function, multiple alignment of protein sequences and/or structures, clustering, searching of sequence databases, comparison of protein structures, etc. A graphical interface to MODELLER is commercially available from Accelrys, as part of Discovery Studio Modeling 1.1.

  • Usage Notes

    No graphical interface. To start the program type 'modeller'. There are some tutorials to get you started available at http://salilab.org/modeller/tutorial/.

  • Primary Citation*

    A. Sali and T. Blundell. 1993. Comparative protein modelling by satisfaction of spatial restraints. J Mol Biol. 234(3): 779-815.

    • *Full citation information available through