Join Us!

Ready to join the Consortium or learn more about membership benefits? Please email us at, and we will send you the SBGrid membership packet, membership quote and licensing documents.

New members have immediate access to all Consortium benefits , including:

  • remote management of your customized collection of structural biology applications on Linux and Mac workstations;
  • access to commercial applications exclusively licensed to members of the Consortium, such as the Schrodinger Suite (limited tokens for US and Canadian members) and the Incentive version of Pymol; remote management of supporting scientific applications (e.g., bioinformatics, computational chemistry and utilities);
  • access to SBGrid seminars and events; and
  • advice about hardware configurations, operating system installations and high performance computing.

Membership is restricted to academic/non-profit research laboratories that use X-ray crystallography, 2D crystallography, NMR, EM, tomography and other experimental structural biology technologies in their research. Most new members are fully integrated with SBGrid within 2 weeks of the initial application.