SBGrid provides comprehensive remote and on-site system administration support for all Linux computers at the Wang lab. The lab has three Linux workstations with Stereo 3D and one GPU-capable Linux workstation. NIS authentication is served from one of the workstations and NFS storage is provided by corporate IT.

Get Help

For general questions, email SBGrid at and include your name and the name of your lab. Email questions about your software installation to

New lab members should contact to complete their initial setup.


To create or delete your user account, please contact SBGrid at To change your password please use the yppasswd command.


Linux computers share authentication and data directories and can only be accessed locally from within the lab. Home directories are located at /nfs/home/<username> (example: /nfs/home/wei). Because the IPs are not static, excpet for the NFS/NIS server, unplugging a workstation for a long time may cause the IP to change and break user login. Please contact if this happens.

SBGrid's comprehensive collections of structural biology applications is located in the /programs directory.

Storage and Backup:

The data on NFS server is snapshotted every 4 hours for 11 days. Storage is namanged by Sanofi corporate IT.

General IT Support:

Support for office computing is provided by local Sanofi IT.