2 Factor Authentication for Crystal Email users

2 Factor Authentication/2FA

  • The easiest way to turn on 2fa for your account is to click here: myaccount.google.com.
  • For more information see the Google provided documentation.
  • The steps from your GMail web interface are as follows: Click on the SBGrid icon in the upper left - Select 'Manage your Google Account' - On the left select 'Security' - in the middle select '2-Step Verification' and then complete the web forms.
  • When entering the verification code do not include the G-, only the numerical digits.

Alternative 2FA options

You will need a phone to set up 2-Step Verification at first, however these options are available afterwards.

Apple Mail and Thunderbird 2FA

  • After 2FA is enabled you will be prompted to re-authenticate. Images below is for Apple Mail, but the process for Thunderbird is similar. It is a good idea to have your phone handy for the initial process. A drop down will appear in Mail.app
  • Click on the 'Open Safari' button

  • You will then be prompted for your Crystal GSuite credentials. If other credentials are listed you will need to manually fill in your Crystal GSuite info.

  • Then proceed with your password

  • On your device that you set up from myaccount.google.com you should receive a one time code.

  • Enter the code and then be sure to allow the permissions in the following screen.

  • You will likely not be prompted to do this again for some months.

App Passwords

  • Some Applications (like Outlook) and older devices (like an older iPads) do not support 2FA authentication.
  • For these use cases you must set up App Passwords.
  • Sign in with App Passwords