SBGrid provides comprehensive system administration support for all Linux, Windows, and Mac computers at CLS for the Wu, Springer, and Hur labs. All computers are located on an integrated network segment that integrates structural biology computers at HMS, BCH, and DFCI. To reach this network for access to local resources from an external location, please ssh to xtal200.harvard.edu.

Get Help

For general questions, email SBGrid at help@sbgrid.org and include your name and the name of your lab. Email questions about your software installation to bugs@sbgrid.org.

New lab members should contact help@sbgrid.org to complete their initial setup.

E-mail Access

Lab members have access to a Crystal email account through Google Apps. If you do not have an account, email help@sbgrid.org and cc your PI in the request.


Linux Computers

The Linux computers share authentication and data directories and can only be accessed locally from within the lab. Home directories for the Springer lab are located at /nfs/ts/<username>, for the Hu & Wu Labs are located at /nfs/cls/<lab_name>/<username>.

The SBGrid collection of structural biology applications is located at the /programs directory. Some systems are configured with Stereo 3D. The systems named venus, mercury, and mars have GPUs installed and are used for data processing. These systems can be accessed remotely.

Please note that your home directories are only visible to your lab-mates and PI by default. Permissions vary depending on the nature of the directory or files in question. PIs can request modifications to file permissions to suit the lab's needs.

Custom Software


Licenses for HKL2000 are limited to one specific system per lab.

Springer Lab

Springer Lab members can use the following system to run HKL2000:

  • tsl2


Wu Lab

Cryosparc is installed on Venus. It is accessible via a web interface, please email help@sbgrid.org to ask how to access it.

Data Backups

Full and incremental backups are made of SBGrid file servers, including your home and data directories. These backups are usually kept for three months. If you need a file restored, please contact us at help@sbgrid.org.


A Xerox Phaser 6700DN is located in the hallway outside CLS 03098. Email help@sbgrid.org to have your workstation configured for printing.

Networking and General IT Support

For networking and general IT support, contact the Children’s help desk at (617) 919 4357 or help.desk@childrens.harvard.edu.