SBGrid provides comprehensive system administration support for all Linux and Mac computers for the Hogle and Sliz labs at HMS, and for all Linux systems for the Liao lab. The Liao lab should contact HMS-IT for assistance with Mac & Windows systems.

New SBGrid computers need to be registered to access the network.

All SBGrid-supported systems are located on an integrated, private network segment. To reach this network for access to local resources from an external location, please ssh to xtal200.harvard.edu.

Get Help

For general questions, email SBGrid at help@sbgrid.org and include your name and the name of your lab. Email questions about your software installation to bugs@sbgrid.org.

New lab members should contact help@sbgrid.org to complete their initial setup.

The Liao lab should contact HMS-IT for assistance with Mac & Windows systems.

Email Access

Sliz Lab members use a Google Account at hkl.hms.harvard.edu to access email and other Google services, including Google Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets etc (Sliz lab members should not use a crystal email).

Hogle and Liao lab members have a Crystal Google Account with access to email and other Google services, including Google Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and more.

Hogle and Liao lab members should see faq-using-crystal-google-apps for more detailed information on how to use your email and calendar.

Sliz lab members should see faq-using-hkl-google-apps for more detailed information on how to use your email and calendar.

If you do not have an account, email help@sbgrid.org and cc your PI in the request.

Email Lists

Hogle Lab

We use a private Google Mailing List for communications with the Hogle lab.

To view the Hogle lab Google group go to:

To post to the Hogle lab Google group, send your email to:

Liao Lab

We use a private Google Mailing List for communications with the Liao lab.

To view the Liao lab Google group go to:

To post to the Liao lab Google group, send your email to:

Sliz Lab

We use a private Google Mailing List for communications with the Sliz lab.

To view the Sliz lab Google group go to:

Sliz lab members should use HKL mailings lists, which are managed by Professor Sliz, for internal communications.


SBGrid supports Linux computers in the Hogle and Liao labs, and supports Linux, Mac, and Windows systems in the Sliz lab.


Most Linux computers use network accounts, meaning that your home directory is located on a network storage server and is backed up. If you accidentally delete important files, please let us know as soon as possible and we may be able to restore the file for you.

Linux systems have network home directories and access to the SBGrid programs tree (via /programs). See this link for information on how to access the software.

Two Sliz Lab Linux workstations ([psl1 and psl2) are fully administered by SBGrid. To login to linux systems, use your SBGrid credentials. To login to the windows partition, use the credentials posted over the machine.


Mac computers rely on either network accounts or local accounts. We will soon transition all Mac computers to local accounts because of problems many people have encountered Macs & network accounts.

For Macs with local accounts, users will have administrative access with permission to install and update software. The SBGrid Installer will be used to access the SBGid software tree and will allow users to install and update the software independently. These computers are backed up via Crashplan, hosted by HMS. If your Mac is not backed up, or you receive warning messages about Crashplan backup failures, please contact us immediately to ensure that no data is lost.

Most Sliz Lab macs are self-managed.

Windows Computers

SBGrid offers support for some Windows systems in the Sliz Lab, but HMS-IT provides primary support for these machines. Windows computers used to run instruments in the labs should not be used for browsing the Web. If you encounter any problems with these machines, please contact SBGrid as soon as possible. If SBGrid is unavailable, please contact HMS-IT with details about your problem and the buiding and floor where where the machine is located. Be sure to notify SBGrid that you have contacted HMS-IT so that we can liaise with them.

Sliz Specific

Sliz Lab Printing

There is a HP LaserJet 500 located on the 2nd floor of LHRRB near the bathrooms. It is a multi-function printer that printer, scan, and can email copies. You must be connected to the SBGrid network to use this printer. Printing will not work if your computer is connected to the HMS Wifi access point (HMS Private or Public).

SBGrid Network:

All computers in the lab should be connected to the SBGrid network. To connect a personal computer, you will need to email the MAC address of the ethernet card or adaptor to help@sbgrid.org . In order to access SBGrid wi-fi network you will need to email your MAC address to help@sbgrid.org and request activation on the SBGrid wifi network; to connect, authenticate with your SBGrid username and password.

Personal Desktop Computers:

Personal (OS X / Windows?) systems (sch-jlchoi- imac, ps-wang-macmini, ps-sophia-imac, sb-liz-imac, ps-nozhat-macmini) are administered by the primary user, with support from SBGrid and HMS/BCMP IT.

  • SBGrid software will be installed in /programs.
  • All research data should be backed-up . This is an NIH and HMS regulation.
    • Visiting Students should use HMS CrashPlan for backing up their work directories. (use registration code JJRR-RHW7-UHJW-H7JM).
    • Postdocs and Graduate Students should always work from a DropBox folder.
    • Piotr will provide access to Dropbox

Instrumentation Computers

Computers running FPLCs (PS-FPLC1, PS-FPLC2, PS-FPLC3) are managed by HMS IT and backups are done on a daily basis using CrashPlan. They can print to the laboratory printer.
Sliz lab also has access to crystallization-room computers (Gryphon controller, unknown system) Those computers are also managed by HMS IT and backed-up using CrashPlan.


  • Personal computers and laptops running OS X can have SBGrid software installed
  • HMS licensed software (such as ChemOffice or MATLAB)
  • MS office is available on request from bcmpit@hms.harvard.edu
  • Geneious: Geneious is preinstalled with SBGrid software collection and Sliz lab has access to a shared database.
    • Please email Piotr for the database login credentials.
  • Please use ReadCube for managing your references and we will purchase a Pro version for your use (Pro supports syncing files between multiple computers).

Sliz Support:

There are several options for support:

  1. Please review SBGrid and CMCD support forums on the SBGrid website: forums.sbgrid.org
  2. For assistance with Linux workstations and SBGrid network please contact SBGrid ( help@sbgrid.org ).
  3. For assistance with printing and your personal desktop please contact HMS IT at bcmpit@hms.harvard.edu .
  4. For assistance with the structural biology software please contact bugs@sbgrid.org (this will go to Jason & his team).

EM Facility

To access the EM Facility in the basement of SGM, please contact Zongi Li

If you need a data directory created on the EM systems, please email SBGrid and cc Zongi Li. Please remember that data directories on the EM systems are not backed up. It is essential that you store your data elsewhere.