Using your email address

Using webmail

There is an email associated with your CMCD network account at <username> You may access the webmail at:

You can set a vacation responder in the webmail client by clicking Personal Settings and then clicking the Vacation tab.

Crystal email is currently hosted through gmail.

Gmail cheat sheet:

Configuring a Mail Client for IMAP

To configure your address in a client such as Apple's Mail Application or Thunderbird, use the following options:

  • Incoming Mail Server:

      • SSL enabled using port 993
    • Outgoing Mail Server:
      • SSL enabled using port 465
    • Username:
    • Password:
      • Your Google Apps (crystal) password, this may be different from your CMCD account

2 Factor Authentication

  • The easiest way to turn on 2fa for your account is to click here:
  • For more information see the Google provided documentation.
  • The steps from your gmail web interface are as follows: Click on the SBGrid icon in the upper left - Select 'Manage your Google Account' - On the left select 'Security' - in the middle select '2-Step Verification' and then complete the web forms.