Getting Help

Please us to ask for help! When you email the addresses listed below the emails are forwarded to our Ticketing System which all of can see and ensures that the correct person will help you.

When you submit a help ticket please include as much information as possible. The following is a list of information that should be useful in any ticket that you submit:

  • Your Lab Name
  • State the problem as best you can.
    • Explain what is happening, and explain what you expect to happen when the issue is not present.
  • Include the name of the computer you are using.
    • If you are not sure, run the hostname command from a Terminal.
  • Indicate whether the problem is isolated to a single machine, or if it affects all machines in your lab.
  • Include the operating system where applicable (Mac OS X/Linux).
  • If the issue is related to a piece of software, include the name of the software and version number.
  • If an error message is present, copy and paste the exact error message.

To submit a help request, please send email to:

For assistance with the structural biology software, please contact:

It is important that you submit a help request for any SBGrid or IT related issue, even if you have easy access to speak with SBGrid personnel.