Access to the EM Facality


To access the EM Facality in the basement of SGM you need the following:

  1. The approval of Zongli Li
  2. An SBGrid account
  3. A Data directory on the EM systems to temporarily store your data for EM analysis


Email Zongli to request access to the EM Facality. You need to be a member of a HMS Lab or member of a Lab associated Lab, if your unsure, please ask. If Zongli is unavailable, contact Melissa (email addresses are above).

After Zongli or Melissa has granted you access, please email and CC Zongli or Melissa and request an SBGrid Account and a data directory on the EM Systems.

If you already have an account on the SBGrid Linux systems (such as the Linux systems in the SGM Graphics room) then you already have a SBGrid Linux account, you will still need a data directory on the EM Systems.


The /data/ directories on the EM systems are NOT backed up. Please ensure that you have copies of your data on another system before deleting any of your data in /data/.