CrashPlan backups (HMS local accounts)

Laptop and desktop systems at HMS must be backed up up with Code42 CrashPlan through HMS IT.

Setup CrashPlan


Crashplan OSX

Crashplan Linux

Crashplan Windows


After launching the Code42 application, click the lower blue link Sign up for an account.

Note: All systems you must use the Sign up for an account link to add your system to the SBGrid group using the regristration code below.

Username: Your HMS email address such as, or the email address associated with your eCommons account.

This is NOT your or sbgrid accounts.

Enter your eCommons/HMS email password

The Server URL:

The SBGrid registration code: JJRR-RHW7-UHJW-H7JM

After you have installed Crashplan let is know you activated your backups (or had issues doing so) and the email address you used

You can also visit the HMS install notes at instructions & software are available here