Connecting to SBGrid VPN

The VPN will give you access to the SBGrid Network. The VPN is for SBGrid ARC Members at CMCD supported Labs in the Boston Area. It is not for Consortium members.

If we detect that you haven’t used your VPN access in 3 months, we’ll disable your VPN access.

Request access to the SBGrid VPN

Please email the SBGrid at

Members using macOS

Installation Steps

  1. Download file SBGrid.ovpn using the link we email you; you will need it later.
  2. Download Tunnelblick.
  3. Open the Tunnelblick Package
  4. Double-Click on the Tunnelblick icon to start the Installer
  5. Start Tunnelblick
  6. Click on "I have configuration files"
  7. Follow the instructions (drag the .ovpn file to the Tunnelblick Icon)
  8. A Window will appear, click "Only Me"

Start the VPN

  1. Start Tunnelblick if it's not already running
  2. Click on the Tunnelblick icon
  3. Then click on "Connect"
  4. Enter your SBGrid username and password
  5. This is the same as your ssh login
  6. If you receive a warning stating that your computer's apparent public IP hasn't changed - this is normal. Just check "Do not check for IP address changes" box and click OK.

Stop the VPN

  1. Click on the Tunnelblick icon
  2. Then click on "Disconnect"

Members using Windows

  1. Ensure your Windows installation is up-to-date and protected by anti-virus software.
  2. Download the file that we linked in our email; you will need it later.
  3. Download and install the openvpn "community" client.
  4. Through the client, Import the *.ovpn configuration file.
  5. During Connecting, use your SBGrid Linux account credentials when prompted.
  6. You may have to address SBGrid remote hosts using their IP address.
  7. Disconnect to exit the VPN.

Members using Linux

  1. Install OpenVPN (sudo apt-get install openvpn on ubuntu)
  2. Dowload the .ovpn configuration using the link we e-mailed you.
  3. Edit the .ovpn file, and uncomment the two lines below the # Uncomment following lines for linux
  4. Connect to the VPN: sudo openvpn --config SBGrid.ovpn --script-security 2 (adjust .ovpn file name as needed); enter your user name and password when prompted
  5. The VPN process will remain active in the terminal you launched it from
  6. To disconnect, control-C in that terminal window will stop the VPN connection