SBGrid Quo Vadis 2016

Looking forward to seeing you next week for QuoVadis 2016.

We will be using CCP4, COOT, DIALS, iMosflm, XDS, and XDSGUI during the workshop. The script below will install these applications on your mac or linux laptop.

SBGrid builds on CentOS 6, though these applications should work on any modern Linux distro. For Mac, we support 10.9 and higher, but this subset will likely work on older macs as well.

Step 1. Download the script.


Step 2. Make the script execuatable

chmod +x sbgrid-qv2016

Step 3. Run the script


The script will use rsync to download the software to $HOME/programs. A symlink is required at / programs, the script will provide more info.

Step 4. Set up the environment

For BASH users:

source /programs/sbgrid.shrc

For TCSH users:

source /programs/sbgrid.cshrc

Please report any issues to, See you next week.

Intro to linux slides


MTZ for for dataset 117


Maps for COOT