Jason Key May 15, 2017:  add correct download link for python wheel, minor formatting changes [d65456e]
Jason Key May 15, 2017:  add new install client builds version 5.18, binaries for MacOS, Linux CLI, new wheel, and new GUI [7f1f409]
Jason Key April 27, 2017:  cleanup and re-org, added intro page for installation types [d211245]
Jason Key April 26, 2017:  revert CLI - latest build is broken [de24f35]
Jason Key April 21, 2017:  new installer build 1.0.506 for mac GUI and CLI [6b254d3]
Jason Key February 18, 2017:  update install clients to build 471 [04b8b55]
Jason Key February 13, 2017:  add new clients : v 1.0.461 [5b3847f]
Jason Key February 02, 2017:  sbgrid install client, add new builds for mac and linux, build 488 [8487326]
Jason Key January 18, 2017:  add URL for registration for users who start at the documentation [31fa2de]
Jason Key January 05, 2017:  Adding two new installer releases: SBGrid_Installer-1.0.430.dmg SBGrid_Installer-1.0.dev422-py2.py3-none-any.whl [9bcfb20]
Jason Key November 19, 2016:  Merge branch 'master' of bitbucket.org:sbgrid/user_wiki [b37a89d]
Jason Key November 19, 2016:  add new releases of install client, archive older releases [36396ef]
Jason Key November 16, 2016:  removed reference to 'Trial' [92d9ad9]
Jason Key October 30, 2016:  release version of install and usage pages for GUI and CLI installation clients [ae77f7b]