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Globus Connect Personal

  • Description

    creates a Globus endpoint on your laptop or other personal computer and allows you to transfer and share files, regardless of whether you have administrative privileges on your machine. Globus Connect Personal is available for Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

  • Primary Citation*

    I. Foster. 2011. Globus Online: Accelerating and Democratizing Science through Cloud-Based Services. Internet Computing, IEEE. 15(3): 70-73.

    B. Allen, J. Bresnahan, L. Childers, I. Foster, G. Kandaswamy, R. Kettimuthu, J. Kordas, M. Link, S. Martin, K. Pickett, and S. Tuecke. 2012. Software as a service for data scientists. Communications of the ACM. 55(2): 81-88.

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  • Citation Note

    Additional citations can be found at https://www.globus.org/publications.

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  • Default Versions

    Linux 64:  2.3.3
    OS X INTEL:  2.3.5

  • Developers

    Ian Foster, Carl Kesselman, Steven Tuecke.