HOWTO, Wei Lab, Genzyme Corp

This is an old wiki page and is out-of-date. It's been retained as some of this information may still be useful.

Site Overview:

Members of the Wei lab at Genzyme Corporation have access to two Linux computers running a large collection of structural biology software. Both computers share authentication and data directories and can be only accessed locally from within the lab. Research Computing support is provided by SBGrid .  Please contact SBGrid here .


Data backup is performed by the Genzyme IT department.


Name|OS|Hardware Configuration|Location|Notes
montana|CentOS 6.6| | Wei's office |Last checked: 03/02/2015
colorado|Sci Linux 6.6| | Yanfeng's office|Last checked: 03/02/2015 gpenguin|Sci Linux 6.6| | Dana's desk|Last checked: 03/02/2015

User Accounts:

To create or delete your account, please refer to this page . To change your password please use the yppasswd command on one of the workstations.

Using SBGrid programs:

All applications are located in /programs directory and are configured to run without additional settings.

Most of the software titles installed in the SBGrid Suite have several versions available. Typically, we try to provide at least three versions of each software package, although very old or very new applications may have fewer versions. To override the default version, follow these instructions.

Please refer to this page if you need additional information on how to run SBGrid programs locally or remotely on your machine.