HOWTO, Sliz Lab

This is an old wiki page and is out-of-date. It's been retained as some of this information may still be useful.

Computing Accounts:

Members of Sliz lab will generally have six computing accounts:

  • an HKL account for email, calendar and shared documents
  • a local (administrator) account for Mac OS X workstations
  • a CMCD account for login to the Linux workstation, to and to other Linux workstations at HMS.
  • an HMS account for login to eCommons and to HMS email system.
  • SBGrid account (optional) for software update.
  • DropBox account - this is a business account with unlimited backups and unlimited storage space.


All computers in the lab should be connected to the SBGrid network. For connecting a personal computer, you will need to email the MAC address of the ethernet card or adaptor to . In order to access SBGrid wi-fi network you will need to email your MAC address to and request activation on the SBGrid wifi network; to connect, authenticate with your CMCD username and password.


We have two printers in the lab, which are both available from the SBGrid network. ps-laserjet3000dn is located in the wet lab area, ps- brother2270 is located in the SBGrid computing room. Printing will not work if your computer is connected to the HMS Wifi access point (HMS Private or Public).

Personal Desktop Computers:

Personal (OS X / Windows?) systems (sch-jlchoi- imac, ps-wang-macmini, ps-sophia-imac, sb-liz-imac, ps-nozhat-macmini) are administered by the primary user, with support from SBGrid and HMS/BCMP IT.

  • SBGrid software will be installed in /programs.

  • All research data should be backed-up . This is an NIH and HMS regulation.

    • Visiting Students should use HMS CrashPlan for backing up their work directories. (use registration code JJRR-RHW7-UHJW-H7JM).

    • Postdocs and Graduate Students should always work from a DropBox folder.


  • personal computers and laptops running OS X can have SBGrid software installed
  • HMS licensed software (such as ChemOffice or MATLAB)
  • MS office is available on request from [](
  • Geneious: Geneious is preinstalled with SBGrid software collection and Sliz lab has access to a shared database. Please email Piotr for the database login credentials.
  • Please use ReadCube for managing your references and we will purchase a Pro version for your use (Pro supports syncing files between multiple computers).

Linux Workstations

Two linux workstations (schl12 and psl2) are fully administered by SBGrid. ps2 (in the 3rd bay) can dual-boot to Windows 7. To login to linux systems, use your CMCD credentials. To login to the windows partition, use the credentials posted over the machine.

Instrumentation Computers:

Computers running our FPLCs (PS-FPLC1, PS-FPLC2, PS-FPLC3) are managed by HMS IT and backups are done on a daily basis using CrashPlan. They can print to the laboratory printer.

Sliz lab also has access to crystallization-room computers (Gryphon controller, unknown system) Those computers are also managed by HMS IT and backed-up using CrashPlan.


There are several options for support:

  1. Please review SBGrid and CMCD support forums on the SBGrid website:
  2. For assistance with Linux workstations and SBGrid network please contact SBGrid ( ). In most cases Pete Meyer or Justin O’Connor will respond to your request.
  3. For assistance with printing and your personal desktop please contact HMS IT at . In most cases Peter Cobb will respond to your requests.
  4. For assistance with the structural biology software please contact (Rob and Jason).

Other Resources:

  • website

  • - Harvard Medical School Research Computing Support


  • All members of Sliz lab are signed up for the Sliz lab mailing lists and the BCMP mailing lists.
  • You will also receive a copy of SBGrid monthly newsletter.
  • e-mail: Goup members should use account as the institutional/work email account. You should forward other accounts (e.g. to HKL.