HOWTO, Bradner Lab, DFCI

This is an old wiki page and is out-of-date. It's been retained as some of this information may still be useful. #Site Overview:
Members of the Bradner Lab at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute have access to a Linux workstation in the wet lab,  running a large collection of structural biology software. It shares authentication and data directories and can be only accessed locally from within the lab.

Research Computing support is provided by SBGrid.  Pl ease contact SBGrid here .


Name|OS|Hardware Configuration|Location|Notes ---|---|---|---|--- jbl1|Sci Linux 5|Intel Core i7 at 3.20GHz. 4 cores. 6GB of RAM. Nvidia Quadro 600.| |Last checked: 11/17/2014

Data Backups:

Backups on the linux workstations are performed on a regular basis by the research computing group at DFCI. If you have any questions about backups, need files restored, or have any general issue regarding backups, contact the Research Computing group via this web page: Help Me - DFCI Reseach Computing .

X-Ray Data Collection:

Plum and Aqua are workstations designated for data collection, and are located in the X-Ray room. These machines have custom local software installs to interact with the Marresearch scanner.

HKL2000 can be accessed and run on Plum, Aqua, and MJEL12.

Please contact Mike Eck to obtain guest privileges.

Networking and General IT Support:

To report problems regarding the network at DFCI, or general computing support, contact the Partners Healthcare Help desk at: (Note: this link only works from a Partners network connection)