Mick Timony July 25, 2019:  ssh using xtal200.harvard.edu and NOT crystal.harvard.edu Remove old DFCI page. [def9320]
mtimony February 07, 2019:  tell people to do it on their mac, often times they'll run it on the linux system they are ssh'd to [9dce457]
Mick Timony January 16, 2019:  tabs instead of spaces please! :) [9db9c58]
Mick Timony January 16, 2019:  code formatting wasn't working using indentations [64b8cf5]
Justin O'Connor July 17, 2018:  sshfs update, added line for xquartz glx, added remote-x11 not linked from main page yet [3168fa9]
Mick Timony September 14, 2016:  faqs: move to top level directory as links keep bring. [d6e3776]