SBGrid provides comprehensive system administration support for computers that are used for data collection and analysis with Lattice Light Sheet Microscopy (LLSM) in the Kirchhausen lab.

All servers are on the HMS network and are are physically located in a BCH-IT managed network closet on the 3rd floor of CLSB. In case of an emergency, please notify BCH-IT so they can allow the SBGrid support team access to the room.

Remote access to the file server is available to lab members upon approval. Please email the SBGrid at help@sbgrid.org and CC your Lab Admin.

Lab workstations (OS X, Linux, Windows) are managed by lab members. Please contact your Lab Admin for help. There are 7 Linux workstations totalling 252 cores, 2 Mac Pros totalling 20 cores, and 3 Windows machines totalling 32 cores.

Get Help

For general questions, email SBGrid at help@sbgrid.org and include your name and the name of your lab. Email questions about your software installation to bugs@sbgrid.org.

New lab members should contact help@sbgrid.org to complete their initial setup.

In case of an emergency, BCH-IT should be notified to allow physical access to the SBGrid support team. Please contact help@sbgrid.org first if you have trouble accessing your data on the server.


The Lattice Light Sheet Microscopy (LLSM) setup consists of a 208-core compute workstation cluster located in the Warren Alpert Building, where the data is also acquired. This local cluster is connected via 80GB link aggregated fiber connections to the server infrastructure at the CLS building, where the data is stored and later archived to HMS storage.

A 41 TB capacity scratch fast SSD server is configured to allow temporary storage of the data being processed and is racked in the CLS building. It is also connected to a 261 TB capacity spinning disk data storage file server via 40GB copper links.

Data Backups

Full and incremental backups are made of SBGrid file servers, including your home and data directories. These backups are usually kept for three months. If you need a file restored, please contact us at help@sbgrid.org.

Processed data copied to the datasync2 directory and flagged to be archived are synced to HMS orchestra storage. On the main storage server, directories located at /data1/home/tk/public/datasync2 must be flagged with a 'transfer.txt' file in order for the data to sync with Orchestra transfer node. Users must manually create the file. While transfering, a 'transfering.txt' file is created inside the directory. Once the transfer is done, a 'transfered.txt' file is created inside the same directory to indicate that it finished.

Networking and General IT Support

For networking and general IT support, contact the Children’s help desk at (617) 919-4357 or at help.desk@childrens.harvard.edu. HMS IT has access to the networking closets at the Warren Alpert Building.